Jennifer Monical, FNP-C
Urban Well MedSpa + Wellness - Jennifer Monical

Jennifer Monical, FNP-C

Wellness Guru /Director of Operations

“At Urban Well, we invite you to experience wellness and beauty, restoration and relaxation, in a bespoke environment curated just for you.”

Jennifer Monical has served Brazoria county residents for over 36 years first as an RN, and now as an advanced nurse practitioner specializing in women’s health. She joined Brazosport Women’s Health of Lake Jackson in 2016.

Throughout her career, Jennifer has consistently observed the difference a wellness and prevention mindset has made in the lives of her patients. As an NP, Jennifer applies this expertise to the health concerns of women of all ages. 

Co-founding Urban Well Medspa & Wellness is a vision come to life; creating a bespoke experience in an elevated setting for a “beauty community.” Jennifer’s approach to health, beauty, and wellness is a holistic one, involving body, mind, and spirit. Inner and outer beauty are equally important, and when both are prioritized there is balance. 

Health and wellness look different for each person she meets, and Jennifer thrives when she is walking alongside people on their own journey to wholeness. Using her experience, knowledge, and unique skill set, she invites her clients to experience beautifying treatments and therapies that will maximize wellbeing for each client, bringing and restoring health, beauty, and balance both inside and out.  

Jennifer’s personal wellness journey includes the unending pursuit of trying to eat more vegetables and finding enjoyable gluten-free bread. While not exactly an avid runner, she has completed 3 marathons, 6 half marathons, and 2 triathlons. She enjoys choosing beauty regimens and treatments that compliment her busy lifestyle and low-maintenance approach to beauty.

Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her husband and three + 1 kids, traveling, hiking in mountains, skiing, gardening, floral design, and is up for just about any outdoor activity. She travels for medical mission work in underserved communities in Kenya, Cambodia, and India, with a special focus on ending human slavery globally. Jennifer enjoys volunteering locally as a provider at the Live Oak Clinic for uninsured individuals and serves as Regent for Brazosport College.

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If you saw a new face around the spa this month, Urban Well was chosen to host a summer intern to shadow what we do in our day to day!

We are so proud of the work we do here, and grateful to be apart of the work @truetolifeministries does in being a positive influence and fostering growth in our community!
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In all seriousness - your Urban Well family is here for you as we all work on getting back to a new normal. It’s never fun when the community suffers in any regard, and this one hit close to home. We are open and available for anyone who needs a haven from the heat, a place with free WiFi, or even a friendly hug! 🤗 

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Spread the word - regardless if you are an UW guest or not, we welcome and encourage everyone to escape the heat and come relax in spa! We have plenty of water, AC, and friendly faces if you need a hug! 🤍
Stay safe and thank you for your patience and understanding! 🤍
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